Loyal pet dog guards dead owner’s body after he collapsed on walk

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0kjxyvbjojny5k/VRP55366.mp4?dl=0

This is the heartbreaking moment a loyal pet dog was seen guarding her dead owner’s body after he collapsed while they were on a walk together.

The grieving seven-year-old female Pomeranian dog sat beside a collapsed old man under a durian tree in Chanthaburi province, eastern Thailand, on August 18.

She was even nuzzling his body while desperately trying in vain to wake him up.

Neighbours first noticed the brown pooch in distress then found the man, later identified as Boonman Samsari, 50, before calling paramedics who declared him dead.

Medics did not find any traces of assault on wounds on the man’s body but saw a nebulizer in his hand. An ambulance took him to hospital for a post mortem examination to find the cause of death.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiraphan Thongsoi said: ‘The dog was barking so residents checked on the vacant lot where the body was found. She was tame and did not attack us.

‘We have contacted the family but we will have to wait for the autopsy result before he can be handed to them for funeral arrangements.’

The man’s wife Jutharat Samsari, 38, said her husband went for a jog with the dog around 9 am that day and was supposed to meet in the afternoon but several hours had passed and he failed to show up.

Jutharat said: ‘I went to the durian orchard to find him because he did not meet me in the afternoon. I was devastated when I saw him there where our neighbours had already gathered.’

The pet owner’s body was sent to the Phrapokklao Hospital for a post-mortem examination while the dog was returned to the man’s family.