Creative pensioner, 70, makes colourful moving toy robots from trash


A creative 70-year-old pensioner made colourful moving toy robots with lights from trash.

Romy Carlos Pascual, 70, assembled the robots using broken electronic parts and other scrap materials collected near his home in Laguna province, the Philippines.

His robots each took two weeks to finish and named them after his grandchildren – Camillebot, Cocobot, and Junobot.

The life-sized toys are displayed in front of his house which already attracted enthusiasts coming to take turns taking pictures with the unique creations.

The old man said: ‘I started building the robots during the Covid-19 lockdown. I was bored so I kept thinking of a way to keep myself busy. That’s how I got started building these robots.’

Romy’s expertise in tinkering with appliances came in handy when building the robots as the robots were powered by repaired electric fan motors.

The grandfather-of-three added that materials for the toys cost less than 500 PHP each as he usually just find them in the trash or ask to buy them from scavengers.

He said: ‘I just buy the materials cheaply from scavengers and then I fix the broken appliance. I’m glad that people, especially kids, are so interested. Sometimes, visitors from other towns come just to take pictures.’

Romy currently does not plan on selling the robots but added that he could make customised ones for those who are interested.