Thai village decorated with dozens of crocodile street art murals


A village in Thailand located next to a canal is filled with dozens of street art depicting crocodile murals.

The Hua Ta Khe community is surrounded by water in Lat Krabang district, Bangkok, and has colourful depictions of animals.

The unique spray-painted murals could be found in walls of shops, houses bridges, concrete fences which varies in size and colours.

However, the modern visual arts only add up to the community’s charm as it is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Thai capital, founded during the period of King Rama V so one can feel rural living walking within its walls.

Speaking with Bangkok Post, local Ambha Bunyaket who initiated a tourism club more than ten years ago said: ‘Boats either from Bangkok or Chachoengsao stopped in our community to rest or trade.

‘People bought and sold farm produce, clothes, food supplies, fishing nets and farm tools. Almost everything can be found in the market.’

However, urbanisation turned transportation into roads and out of the canal routes which made it difficult for river traders to keep up.

To keep the community alive, Ambha said they initiated a project allowing art students to paint all over the place to promote it as an art destination.

She said: ‘My initial goal was not to lure tourists. I only wanted to preserve what we have and to bring back the spirit of the community. I wanted the young generation to come back and further develop the community.’

Now the community is filled with art works mostly depicting crocodiles who lived on rivers as the area is surrounded by water.

Aside from the beautiful murals, traditional Thai snacks are available in cafes and restaurants around the neighbourhood which made it even more popular to tourists.

Ambha said: ‘I am glad to see that our people are happy and our visitors like our small community. For those who love a peaceful place, they don’t have to travel far upcountry, just visit us, the old Hua Takhe community.’