Wildfires spread on hillsides in northern Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb54xgs9c24v72c/VRP5619.mp4?dl=0

Fire crews battled wildfires spreading through woodland in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand, on Wednesday (Jan 20).

Flames started on hillsides during the dry season, with little rain in the region since November.

The River Fire Control Station of Mae Hong Son detected 155 heat points and they had to extinguish several blazes.

Officials said that one of the causes of the forest fire was due to locals burning land to help crops grow. They believe the Melientha Suavis will grow more rapidly and taste better if the land is cleared through burning.

Another spot with wildfires was Mae Sariang District, a small town in Mae Hong Son. The fires were extinguished three times in the area but returned.

Fire crews and volunteers had brought the fires under control by Friday.