Snake wranglers wrestle with huge python that won’t budge from garden wall


This is the dramatic moment snake wranglers grappled with a 13ft-long python that refused to budge from a garden wall.

The house owner saw the reptile slithering on the tree in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, on January 17.

She immediately went inside the house to secure her child and pets before calling the emergency services.

When the rescuers arrived, they searched for the python and saw it was coiled on top of the wall next to the driveway.

They lured it down the 10ft-high wall but it resisted and snapped at the rescuers.

Three volunteers had to pull it down as it was aggressive and refused to be caught.

After almost half an hour, they yanked the python free and pinned it down as it was trying to bite them.

One of the rescuers said the reptile weighed 15 kilograms and appeared to be looking for food around the property.

He said: ‘Always call for help if you find snakes inside your house. It will be very dangerous to handle them alone.’

The snake was placed inside a sack before the rescuers rode away with it on scooters to release in the wild.