Thai man with bizarre skill crushes items between his shoulder blades

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A Thai man with a bizarre skill could crush items between his shoulder blades.

Darak Somrit discovered his unusual ability as a young boy when he flexed his arms with friends who noticed that his bones were bigger than theirs in Chiang Rai province.

After being curious about his body, realised he could hold and crush things with his shoulder blades when none of his friends could.

He realised it was a special and rare ability so he showcased it to the public where he drew attention and gained an audience.

The man said: ‘I discovered my ability coincidentally. I would not have known my body was different from others if I weren’t with my friends that day.’

Darak added that the ability might seem peculiar and appear to cause damage to the muscles and bones but he explained it was normal to him.

He said: ‘It’s something genetic and doesn’t cause any pain to me. I barely practised using my strong shoulder blades but I could still crush things easily. It’s as normal as breathing.’