Pet cat that grew up with dogs baffles owner as she starts barking


An amusing female pet cat that grew up with dogs baffled her owner as she started barking.

The white Puspin moggie named Luna was adopted as a kitten and grew up with three puppies her age in Laguna province, the Philippines.

As she became close with the puppies, the cat started breastfeeding from their mother dog thinking they were her siblings.

Now that the cat was older, pet owner Michelle Rose Flores was amused as Luna appeared to have adopted dog habits such as barking.

Michelle said: ‘Our cat grew up with four dogs – three puppies and their mother Charlie. They were all breastfed together. My cat probably thinks she’s a dog because she learned how to bark.’

The pet owner added that they started to notice Luna’s unique behaviour during mealtime as she would bark to ask for food instead of meowing like other normal cats.

She said: ‘It was funny that she would do her best to try and bark when she was supposed to meow. At first, we thought her meows sounded weird until we realised she was actually trying to bark.’