Brave wild rat thinks he’s also a cat


This is the amusing moment a brave wild rat stole food from six cats without being noticed.

The rodent – which was about the size of a kitten – sneaked into a man’s garage where his pet moggies were sharing a bowl of food in Cavite province, the Philippines on August 21.

As the Puspin pets enjoyed their meal, the rat silently tucked itself between the cats and began munching on their food without the other animals noticing something strange.

Footage shows the cheeky black rat eating away as the busy moggies unknowingly have dinner with the huge intruder at home.

Pet owner Lexus Harold said: ‘I think my cats were too busy enjoying their food and forgot about the rat. They don’t usually come out of the house so maybe they don’t know how to react to rats.’

Even as the house owner flashed the light from his phone, the rat continued eating until it was full and decided to hide as one of the adult cats noticed something was wrong.

The smart rat then escaped to a hole out of the house while the man stopped his cat from going after the wild animal.