Police raid Thai Covid-19 hospital after ‘patients have drug-fuelled orgies’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5dv0mke4mkq6i9z/VRP58144.mp4?dl=0

Police raided a Thai Covid-19 hospital after patients allegedly held drug-fuelled orgies.

Shocked nurses called cops after they claimed to have seen male and female patients sneaking off into private rooms together at the 1,000-bed capacity field hospital in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Medics who checked CCTV said some patients appeared to have been taking illegal drugs and engaging in group sex but they were unable to identify the individuals.

Officers raided the field hospital on August 26 and seized 23 cartons of cigarettes as well as e-cigarretes, which are banned from Thailand but no illegal drugs were found.

Patients who were believed to have engaged in the illicit activity were cautioned by authorities, and warned that re-offenders would be transferred to another facility.

Samut Prakan province Chief of Covid-19 Situation Control Colonel Pratuang Kaewtui said: ‘We have stationed a number of officers in the hospital to do regular patrols and observe the patients.

‘But we could not do this alone. We are also asking the patients to please follow the rules inside the hospital. The nurses and doctors taking care of them are working hard so they could be treated.’

Patients allegedly smuggled in the illegal drugs through outsiders who would meet up with them on the edges of the compound.

Aside from taking illegal substances, the unruly patients were also reported to have organised gambling inside the field hospital which broke out in fights and misunderstandings.

Some of the male patients have been treated by nurses for injuries sustained from these brawls but no one was reported seriously hurt.

Police are still investigating who smuggled in the drugs and cigarettes inside the compound while closely watching the patients inside the notorious facility.

Thailand has recorded 1,190,063 cases and 11,399 deaths as of August 30. Ministers believe the wave of Delta variant infections which started up May – reaching 23,000 a day earlier this month – has peaked but some doctors still predict up to 400,000 more cases while the daily rate slows.

Anyone who tests positive has to quarantine for 14 days either in a private hospital or a state-run field hospital. However, rules were relaxed recently to allow those without symptoms to isolate at home.