Tiger celebrates birthday with meat cake in zoo as Covid-19 decimates tourism in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9lk430ghb4i97mt/VRP58163.mp4?dl=0

A tiger celebrated its birthday with a cake made from meat as Covid-19 continues to hamper tourism in Thailand.

The Indochinese tiger named Kaitoon was given a special the special treat made of beef, pork, liver, and pig legs for its birthday in Khon Kaen Zoo on August 28.

Its caretakers and other zookeepers also sang in celebration as the animal turned up to enjoy its cake inside its enclosure.

Zoo official Narongwit Chodchoi said Kaitoon and the other animals at the zoo are doing different activities to relieve their loneliness during the Covid-19 travel ban.

He said: ‘The zoo atmosphere is lonely as the number of cases in the province continues to increase. The zoo staff and I celebrated Kaitoon’s birthday without guests.

‘As soon as we saw Kaitoon leaving its tiger house, the staff sang together to welcome the tiger. We watched Kaitoon walk out and enjoy its cake with satisfaction.’

Thailand has recorded 1,204,729 Covid-19 cases and 11,589 deaths as of August 31.

Economists have warned that it could be another five years before the country’s tourism industry returns to pre-pandemic levels. 

Two years ago tourism made up an estimated 21 per cent of Thailand’s GDP, generating 1.8 trillion baht in revenue. However, the country’s National Economic and Social Development Council predicted that it could be another five years before similar numbers are seen. 

Analysts said that between now and 2026, around seven million workers will continue to be affected by the economic harm from the Covid-19 pandemic.