Thai prisoners escape by picking cell lock with a PAPERCLIP


This is the moment two Thai prisoners escaped by picking their cell lock with a paperclip.

Narin Ronnachit, 35, and Wichit Hinkao, 35, were arrested for allegedly working together to steal two motorcycles, a mobile phone and a diamond bracelet in Chanthaburi province, eastern Thailand.

While the two men were held in custody inside the Makham district police station, Narin was seen reaching the lock of the cell gate and eventually opening it with the help of Wichit.

CCTV footage shows the man successfully unlocking the cell before turning to wake up his sleeping friend to open the door and sneak out.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Seksith Tongtawontong said: ‘CCTV inspection found that the escape took place around 4 am in the male detention room of Makham Police Station.

‘One of them hid the scrap wire from a paperclip and unlocked the cell padlock in less than a minute. We have published the footage and alerted the police force to locate them.’

Authorities were able to track down Wichit while Narin, the man who used the paperclip, has not yet been found. He is believed to had fled to the neighbouring province Rayong where a search for him is ongoing.

Wichit was taken back to the police station while the officers coordinated with the local police in nearby provinces to locate Narin.