Struggling restaurant owner sells vegetables in superhero costume to earn money during Covid-19 closure


A Thai restaurant owner turned to sell vegetables in a superhero costume to survive the pandemic.

Montri Potong, 36, used to dress up as iconic superheroes and entertain guests in his restaurant during events but due to Covid-19, his business had to close down in Suphan Buri province.

To make ends meet, he became a vegetable vendor while still wearing his favourite Deadpool, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, or Superman costume.

He said: ‘I used to dress up as different superheroes at social events and sometimes I would be a fancy-dressed car pick-up staff for my restaurant. But when Covid hit I lost all sources of income.’

Due to his unique appearance, more buyers have been attracted to trying his vegetables whenever they see him at the market.

He added: ‘I want to make all of the market visitors smile and laugh whenever they see me because I know everybody has been stressed from Covid-19 too.’

Thailand has recorded 1,219,531 cases and 11,841 deaths as of September 1. Ministers believed the wave of Delta variant infections which started up May – reaching 23,000 a day earlier last month – has peaked but some doctors still predict up to 400,000 more cases while the daily rate slows.

Ministers have repeatedly closed restaurants and other businesses since March last year to contain the spread of the virus.