Python caught coiled in the rafters of family’s home


A python was caught hiding in the rafters of a family’s home in central Thailand.

The 6ft-long creature was spotted resting on the wooden beams under the roof of an old house in Ang Thong province on August 31.

It was first found a day before hanging out in the garden and was chased away until the house owner’s son saw it again but this time on the roof.

The frightened house owner Manit Petruatong, 71, contacted reptile specialists for help as the snake was too big and high up in the house for him to deal with.

Manit said: ‘My legs were trembling because I have never seen a snake resting in my house that way before. I think it went up there to eat the pigeons.’

Upon arrival, the snake wrangler found the large python still curled up on the same spot 26ft-high from the ground in the rafter.

The female specialist then climbed up the ladder while villagers and rescue workers held onto the bamboo stairs below to prevent it from slipping.

She then held the python’s head and slowly pulled its body out from the rafters safely. The snake resisted but she was eventually able to take it out coiled in her arms before climbing down.

No one was reported hurt as well as the snake and the team later freed the snake back to the wild.