Motorcycle rider pulls away from junction moments before lorry shunt crash


A lucky motorcycle rider pulled away from a junction moments before a lorry shunt crash.

The rider and his pillion had just made a turn at a road when an oncoming lorry was hit behind by another truck in in Rayong province, Thailand on August 30.

The lorry crashed onto an electrical post which collapsed but the rider was fortunately 10ft away when the collision happened.

No one was reported seriously hurt in the incident but it resulted in a two-hour traffic congestion before the rescuers arrived at the scene.

Interrogation officer Police Lieutenant Udom Srisong said: ‘We have taken detailed pictures of the scene and notified the insurance company to proceed according to regulations. Both the drivers were not injured.’

Truck driver Torrawat Trakul, 57, said he slowed down his vehicle to let the two-wheeler pass through when an 18-wheeler carrying an empty chemical tank behind suddenly crashed into his rear.

He said: ‘Fortunately, the motorcycle exited on time and was not hit. They were only seconds away from being hit by the post.’