Mouse gnaws through bedroom door until morning


This is the bizarre moment an obsessive mouse gnawed through a bedroom door until morning.

The defiant rodent started tearing thin sheets from the door late at night waking the house owner up in Songkhla province, southern Thailand.

To catch it, the woman installed a camera by the door the next night and caught the mouse on video. However, the animal would run back to its hiding spot each time the lights were turned on.

Footage from August 31 shows the mouse biting on the room’s wooden door’s edge as sheets and pieces of fibre are scattered on the floor.

The house owner said: ‘We have trouble sleeping at night from the noise this mouse makes so we kept a camera and left the lights on for the whole night to watch the mouse.

After seeing the serious damage the mouse caused, the house owner used a stick and checked all rooms before finally scaring it out of the property.

She added: ‘The gnawing sound usually started at 11 pm and stopped at 6 in the morning, sometimes it would even continue destroying the door while we were in the shower. We are just happy that we managed to get rid of it.’