Stray kitten rescued after getting stuck in car engine


A stray kitten had to be rescued after it was found stuck inside a car engine.

The ginger moggie was picked up from the roadside after she was abandoned to die inside a sack together with its two siblings in Sukhothai province on August 20.

However, while the new owner Onnuma, 42, was driving home, he noticed there were only two cats left in the sack.

He tried to lure the kitten out and heard it crying inside the pickup truck’s console so he left the vehicle’s windows open for the whole night hoping the animal would come out on its own.

The animal lover said: ‘I was feeding stray dogs when I heard the kittens cry from an abandoned sack on the road. I took the babies home but when I reached home there were only two left.

‘I was thinking where the cat could go but when I started to drive the car to return, I heard the kitten’s sound from the pickup console.

‘I thought it would eventually come out if I left the windows open but it was too scared so I called the animal rescuers for help in taking it out the next morning.’

Concerned Onnuma contacted the rescue team to free the kitten. The team took almost two hours trying to open up the console before successfully luring the kitten out from the inside.

Oh addedd: ‘I’m thankful that my cat was brought out safely. I will take care of them. I was so sad that it was frightened of people after being abandoned.’