Sleepy driver crashes into police checkpoint in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a sleepy driver crashed into a police checkpoint in southern Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the SUV speeding through the barriers at the Tha Sap sub-district checkpoint in Yala province on August 27.

No one was reported seriously hurt after the collision as the area was empty at the time of the crash but the barriers were wrecked as well as the car.

Lieutenant Colonel Kittikorn Sittiwong said the checkpoint was set up by the local police so that drivers would slow down and prevent accidents in the area.

He added: ‘The checkpoint was put up to ensure safety in the main city. There have been many hit-and-run incidents in the same place.

‘However, the driver claimed he stayed up late working the night before that is why he fell asleep and hit the barrier. Fortunately, nobody was injured.’

Aside from the barriers, the SUV also damaged a police car that was parked in the right lane of the checkpoint, as well as a light sign. 

The driver was checked for injuries and questioned afterwards while he promised to pay for the damages incurred in the property.