Family survives being buried alive by landslide in the Philippines


This is the dramatic moment a family were rescued after being buried alive by a landslide.

The couple and their five-year-old son were carrying limestones at a quarry site in Bohol province, the Philippines when the soil which was loosened from recent rain fell over them on August 30 morning.

Father Franco Torremocha, 46, was able to wrap the boy in his arms while his wife Elizabeth Cuajo, 31, was trapped two steps away from them.

They were buried alive under the boulders as they screamed for help.

Other workers on the site called the local police for help who helped dig the soil and later rescued the family before they were rushed to the hospital.

Getafe Station Chief Police Lieutenant Nelson Lodripas said the family worked as labourers at the quarry and sold the stones to the landowner.

He said: ‘That’s how they earn money. They get permission to dig up rocks, which they will sell to the landowner so they can buy food.’

The police chief added that days of heavy rainfall over the weekend might have loosened the soil in the area, resulting in the landslide.

He added: ‘The rain was no longer heavy when the landslide happened but the loosening of the earth may have caused the soil in the quarry area to erode and buried the three.’

The mother and her son suffered leg fractures while the boy’s father sustained minor injuries. The family was still in the hospital recovering from their injuries on Wednesday August 1.