Bangkok airport re-opens as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted


Airports in Bangkok re-opened today as Covid-19 restrictions put in place amid a rise in cases were finally lifted.

Footage shows passengers at the Don Mueang International Airport where domestic flights resumed following a ban in mid-July as the pandemic worsened.

The number of new infections has been falling in Thailand for the previous seven days, prompting ministers to relax some of the restrictions.

Planes can now fly to different provinces around the country, restaurants have re-opened and locals can visit shopping malls and outdoor parks as well as salons and massage shops.

However, a 9pm curfew remains in place and nightlife venues such as bars and nightclubs will remain closed indefinitely.

Thailand has recorded 11,841 Covid-19 deaths and 1,219,531 cases as of September 1. Ministers hope that a vaccine roll-out will help them to re-open the whole country before the end of October.