Guilty pet Corgi caught eating red syrup plays dead on kitchen floor like a murder scene


This is the hilarious moment a pet Corgi caught eating red syrup played dead – lying on the kitchen floor like he was in a pool of blood.

The naughty puppy, named Cartier, raided the kitchen through the back door after being released in the yard in Ayutthaya province, Thailand on January 18.

Cartier tucked into a bottle of sweet and sticky red syrup but managed to cover himself in the liquid.

When Cartier’s owner arrived, the guilty pooch played dead to avoid being scolded, creating the scary appearance that he was lying in a horror-movie style murder bloodbath.

Owner Jakkaphong Samphanporn said: ‘He’s let out in the yard every morning. When I went to check where he was I was worried when I couldn’t find him. He had sneaked into the kitchen and made a mess with the syrup.’

Jakkaphong, who runs the Bla Bla Boo dog cafe in the neighbourhood, said he was confused when Cartier was not outside.

He worried that the dog could have escaped through a fence so he looked for him around the house – only to find a messy kitchen with the dog lying on the floor.

Amusingly, the dog played dead just as its owner stepped inside the room.

At first, the owner said he was worried that the red stain could be blood and almost believed that the dog was wounded.

He realized the red substance was syrup as the the kitchen was filled with a sweet smell.

The owner said that the dog may have been pretending to be sleeping or hurt so he would not scold it after being caught with the mess it made.

He said: ‘Cartier is so smart, I almost fell for it. He pretended to be hurt so I wouldn’t be mad when I saw the clutter he made.’

The dog was given a bath after the kitchen mess was cleaned up, but the food colouring is expected to stain its furs for a week.