Hungry monkey presses it face against office window to beg for food from workers


This is the hilarious moment a hungry wild monkey was seen pressing its face against an office window to ask for food.

The tiny wild macaque was staring through the glass as busy workers tapped away on their computers in Trang province, southern Thailand, on September 1.

It patiently waited for the staff inside to notice it until one of the workers walked up to the window and lifted it open to feed the creature a piece of mango.

Office worker Suradet Inta said the animal visits their office almost every day to beg for food during the lunch hour as it sees them eating snacks inside.

Suradet said: ‘The monkey comes to the same place every day to ask for food. Sometimes we feed it our lunch snacks. It’s a smart animal.

‘Some of the monkeys just wander outside or steal food from vendors but this one knows how to ask nicely and does not destroy things so we give it some.

‘I feel a bit sorry for them as they’re hungrier than they have ever been because of the pandemic situation.’

The animal will leave without damaging anything once it is full and will return again the next day to ask for more snacks.

Macaques in the province used to be well-fed by tourists handing them snacks but as the pandemic prolonged the closure of national parks the animals have become increasingly hungry.

Thailand has a large population of wild monkeys that wander from forests into towns and cities where they are fed by humans and tourists.