Indian woman and child survive being dragged under train


An Indian woman and her baby miraculously survived after being dragged under a train in India.

Paro Devi, 35, was trying to dismount the slowly moving locomotive while holding her baby at a station in Jamalpur when she tripped on September 2 afternoon.

The woman lost her balance and slid between the train and the platform before she was dragged until it with the child.

One of the train staff tried to pull the woman out but she already fell before he could grab her hand. Fortunately, neither the woman nor her baby was seriously hurt.

An onlooker said: ‘Although the railway police and some staff saw the situation, they did not stop the train. It was terrifying.

‘It is common here for passengers and commuters to board and alight moving trains, which sometimes do not even fully stop in stations.’

The woman and her child were taken to a clinic to treat their minor injuries such as scratches and light bumps but they were not seriously injured.