Indian arrested after ‘murdering best friend and cutting up his body’


An Indian tourist was arrested after allegedly murdering his best friend and cutting up his body.

Ravi Prakash Singh, 29, was allegedly furious after falling out with his pal Mahesh Singh, 52, who then turned him to the immigration police for overstaying his visa in Pathum Thani province, Thailand.

The tourist was arrested but the afternoon he was released, he allegedly took revenge by luring Mahesh into an apartment unit for a meal before beating him to death with a metal rod on August 29.

When Mahesh was dead, Ravi then allegedly used a sharp knife to cut the man’s body into two pieces before wrapping it in a bag to be disposed of.

Speaking to the police, the brother of the deceased Surya Pratap Shahi, 30, said: ‘Ravi was angry that Mahesh turned him to the police. The first time he was caught, he had to pay 50,000 baht to be released.

‘The second time he was caught he had to pay 30,000 baht and he was angry at my brother. He was released on bail at noon on August 29.’

Police Lieutenant General Amphol Buarabporn said they arrested Ravi after the evidence implicated him for murder and hiding a corpse.

He said: ‘Surya Pratap Shahi reported to the investigating staff on August 30 after his brother Mahesh disappeared from the house with a motorcycle but never returned.

‘We later found out that before Mahesh’s disappearance, he made plans to meet up with Ravi who was earlier arrested for overstaying.’ 

During the arrest, Ravi allegedly confessed that he was the killer, revealing that the conflict was caused by a land dispute as well as the deceased turning him into the police.

He said: ‘I made a plan to call him for food in my room to kill him. I killed Mahesh and cut his corpse into two pieces and discarded them.’

Ravi then voluntarily led the police to point out the places where the bodies were dumped and submitted the steel rod and knife weapons that were used to shred the deceased. Police also took two motorcycles and a  black helmet as evidence. 

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing.