Police search for missing one-year-old girl in northern Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9lgi8qf7wo3413y/VRP60969.mp4?dl=0

Police were today searching for a one-year-old girl who has been missing for three days in northern Thailand. 

Pornsiri Wongsilarung disappeared on Sunday afternoon (September 5) in front of her home in Huay Fak Dap, a remote village in Chiang Mai province, located in the middle of the valley and surrounded by forests.

At the time of the child’s disappearance, her mother Malee Pasee, 23 was cooking in the kitchen and her father Suriya Wongsilarung, 43, was taking rubbish to a tip around two miles from their home. 

Malee later called out to her child after finished cooking but did not hear a response. She came out and realised Pornsiri, also known by her nickname ‘Gina’, had disappeared. 

Neighbours said they last saw Gina, who is 23-months-old, walking on the road around 10 metres away from home.

Worried mother Malee said: ‘Gina never goes out of the house alone, my husband and I are always around her. She is also afraid of strangers and would not allow anybody to carry her.

‘I miss Gina so much I have not been able to sleep. I’m willing to do anything to have her back even at the cost of my own life.’

More than 200 police officers, rescue workers and volunteers are searching through nearby villages and woodland but the toddler has not yet been found. 

Sniffer dogs, aerial search drones and a diving team were also in search for Gina in various places where she could have strayed.

Officers have started an investigation into the disappearance. One theory is that she was kidnapped following claims by a resident who said they saw a pickup they did not recognise carrying two motorcycles in the back while being followed by a black sedan.

Police Colonel Sukhon Sri-arun said: ‘A team is now looking through CCTVs to trace down the cars. The investigation is ongoing.

‘We had to temporarily put the search on halt. It was getting dark, villagers and search team members were at risk of getting bitten by cobras. We will resume the search in the morning and there will be another meeting on the search plan.’