Thai student covered in fake blood and ‘burned like a witch’ in bizarre protest at online learning


A Thai student was covered in blood, tied up and burned like a witch at a makeshift stake in a bizarre protest against online learning.

The teenager was surrounded by textbooks which were then set alight while she stood on a chair in the capital Bangkok on Wednesday evening, September 8.

Organisers said the demonstration, called ‘Bad Student’, was against the continued online and virtual learning classes being imposed on students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools have been closed since April and some students claim their education is suffering. They are calling on the country’s government to get the Covid-19 situation under control and re-open schools. They have complained that the vaccine roll-out has been inadequate and that lessons have been inadequate during the closures.

More than 7,000 students nationwide joined the movement and pledged to boycott lessons in Thailand for the rest of the week.