Anti-government protesters throw papers in the air in Bangkok, Thailand


Anti-government protesters threw thousands of pieces of paper from the top of the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailand, on Wednesday evening, September 8.

Activists printed anti-regime slogans on the reams of white sheets before they were spread across the landmark in the centre of the Thai capital.

Thailand’s protest movement erupted last year and stopped briefly at the height of the pandemic fear but has started again in recent weeks. 

Organisers claim they are protesting peacefully for democratic reforms but demonstrations have regularly descended into violence, vandalism, attacks on police and chaos. 

Government officials say the unrest is being funded by disaffected opposition, exiled politicians and extremist groups who encourage students to join the protests. They have cited evidence that social media bots are being used to provoke civil disobedience among impressionable youth – who could then face years in prison for getting involved with the anti-establishment rallies.

Officials have banned gatherings of more than five people and rolled out a 9pm curfew due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the laws have been ignored by the demonstrators.