Terrifying moment landslide hits Covid-19 hospital in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i11oa9157az2i8u/VRP61997.mp4?dl=0

This is terrifying the moment a landslide hit a Covid-19 field hospital in northeastern Thailand.

CCTV footage shows large rocks crashing into a Buddhist monk’s house that was recently converted into a patient ward in Chaiyaphum province on September 8 morning.

No one was reported hurt as patients were sent to a nearby health centre for screenings about an hour before the lincident happened.

The landslide was believed to have been caused by a continuous downpour of heavy rain which softened the soil holding the boulders and eventually slipped downhill.

Local police officer Atchara Asasu said: ‘There were no injuries nor deaths reported from the incident because the facility was empty.;

‘Those who were being quarantined and treated have been taken to Wat Laem Tong temple detention centre in the meantime.’

A monk who saw the incident said: ‘While I was eating, I heard a sound as loud as a jet plane behind the temple. The temple visitors and I hurried to the area where the sound came from.

‘We saw two large rocks sliding and crashing into the temple structure. The third boulder was the hardest, it slid down and completely crushed the toilet.’

A rescue team later arrived at the scene for possible injuries but later informed the hospital not to transfer the patients back to the temple.

The district administrative organisation also visited the landslide site and is currently assessing the cost of damages.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are in the middle of their tropical monsoon rainy season, which lasts until October or November. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods which cause rivers to flow faster and become dangerous.