Add video: Frantic mother drags toddler to safety as tumble dryer catches fire at laundrette


Video (aftermath as people put out fire):

This is the dramatic moment a mother dragged her child to safety as a tumble dryer caught fire at a laundrette.

The youngster was walking in front of the machine when clothes inside overheated and were engulfed in flames in Chaiyaphum province, northern Thailand on September 8.

Shocking footage shows how bright orange flames whirled around in the spinning drum as the toddler gazed innocently towards the inferno.

His frantic mother then dashed over and pulled him away, moments before the flames spread through the machine.

Terrified customers fled from the shop while a number of onlookers battled the flames with a nearby fire extinguisher.

Onlooker Nong Nawarat said: ‘I was in the shop at the time and the flames just exploded suddenly. The woman was there with her son and she panicked when she saw him near the machine.

‘I’m relieved nobody was hurt but it was scary. I think people need to be careful with drying machines.’

A brave customer rushed to open the appliance and sprayed the red fire extinguisher inside while waiting for the fire brigade to arrive.

When the team reached the shop, they assessed the damage. The fire did not spread and it was declared out after almost half an hour.

No one was hurt but some of the machines were damaged. The customer’s clothes inside the appliance were also burned beyond repair.

The manager of the shop, called Otteri Wash And Dry, said today the fire was caused by old clothes being put in the machine that were not supposed to be dried in high temperatures or used in tumble dryers.

They said: ‘We’re still investigating why the machine caught fire but we think it was because the customer put old clothes in there that should not have been used in dryers.

‘Some garments have warnings not to put them in tumble dryers, so we think that happened with these clothes and they caught fire. However, we are also looking at the machine to check for other reasons.’