Clever pet dog exchanges leaf instead of money for meatballs


This is the amusing moment a pet dog tried to buy food using a leaf.

The adorable brown pooch named Kla found the best-looking dried leaf that fell from a tree and used it as his money to exchange for meatballs at a nearby restaurant in Ayutthaya province, Thailand.

Footage shows Kla gently biting the crisp leaf on his mouth before handing it to the restaurant owner who was preparing a meal on September 6.

After handing the man the prized leaf, Kla then received a tasty meatball which it shared with another dog who was also looking for food in the area.

Restaurant owner Kanpicha Leksawang said: ‘We always see Kla coming to the shop with a leaf in his mouth when he’s hungry. He just hands the leaf over and walks away with the food we feed him.’

Kanpicha added that the clever dog could have learned about the payment system after observing customers receive food after giving him money.

He said: ‘Maybe he realised that he needed to give me something before he could get a meatball, but didn’t realise that it should be money and not leaves.’