Waves swell as Typhoon Chanthu approaches China’s eastern coast

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3g9ao95668xst8j/VRP62822.mp4?dl=0

Strong waves slammed into eastern China as Typhoon Chanthu approached after battering Taiwan over the weekend.

Turbulent waves were seen crashing along the coast of Zhoushan City in Zhejiang province on Monday September 13 due to the typhoon.

Chanthu, which has been downgraded from a super typhoon on Sunday, remains a formidable storm, packing winds of more than 170 km/hr near its centre. Residents of Shanghai and nearby coastal regions, including Zhejiang, have been warned to brace for strong winds and intense rains as the typhoon bears down on east China.

The Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory has forecasted three days of heavy rainfall in the province for the next three days. Local authorities have already raised the highest emergency response level in the region, shutting down schools and halting flights and transport services in several cities, according to Xinhua news.

Chanthu is expected to weaken further before tracking northeast towards Japan and South Korea.