Clever wild monkey hitches ride with couple


This is the amusing moment a clever wild monkey hitched a ride with a couple.

The primate stood in the middle of a road appearing to wait for passing tourist vehicles in Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand September 11.

It then stopped an approaching pickup truck owned by a couple on a holiday tour before hopping on its window and making its way to the back.

The couple was confused at first but they realised that it must have been asking for a ride as it patiently stared at the driver and waited for him to move forward.

Holidaymaker Sowbah Derlohheem said: ‘While we were moving along the road the monkey just jumped up and stayed there. I think he must be lazy.

‘But he was smart too for thinking of saving his energy and asking drivers for a ride across the national park. What an interesting animal.’

The monkey eventually jumped off the vehicle when the couple slowed down at a curve and disappeared among the trees.