Python naps on top of city hall’s air vent


A 7ft-long python was found napping on top of a city hall’s air vent in northern Thailand.

Governor Ronnachai Chitwiset was in his office when he found a python clinging to the edge of the second-floor vent in Phitsanulok province on September 8.

Shocked visitors crowded over the spot to watch the large snake move up the structure before the information desk notified the local snake wrangler about the creature.

Upon arrival, the team climbed up a ladder and used a snake-catching tool to hold onto the python’s head.

The python resisted the force and tried slithering away, the rescuer who was standing below had to use a device to hook on its head before successfully pulling it down.

The snake is believed to have escaped the heavy rain to the city hall air vent the night before it was discovered.

Rescuers brought the python back and later released it to the wild.