Three killed after truck topples over on tight bend in the Philippines


Three people were killed after a delivery truck carrying several tonnes of sand toppled over while making a turn.

CCTV footage shows the truck swaying and losing its balance on the curve before crashing into two motorcycle riders in Rizal province, the Philippines on January 23.

The truck driver tried to escape by jumping on the window before the truck overturned.

However, his head slammed on the concrete road which left him severely injured. He was later pronounced dead.

An approaching rider on the opposite lane went under the truck and was also killed in an instant.

The other rider who was killed slammed in front of the truck and died from the impact.

One witness said that the truck was driving fast and did not slow down while making the turn.

He said: ‘It happened so fast, we thought the truck would regain balance but it overturned.’

Village captain Moses San Jose said they are now working on putting up warning signs and check point in the area to prevent it from happening again.

He said: ‘We installed the CCTV because it was known to be an accident-prone area. Please be careful when passing through that curve.’

The bodies were taken to the hospital for an autopsy before they will be turned over to the families for funeral arrangement.