Police arrest 29 revellers at ‘illegal Shisha party breaking Covid-19 lockdown’ in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hgi8b180kegym0/VRP6533.mov?dl=0

Twenty-nine revellers were arrested at a Shisha party allegedly breaking Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in Thailand.

The secret party, held on the top floors of a five-storey building, was raided by police in Pattaya City on Sunday night (January 24).

The building had an Indian restaurant in front to make it appear that the upper-level floors were closed so customers – while parties were being held inside.

However, residents complained and a police officer went undercover to verify the reports before officers conducted the raid.

Out of the 29 arrested, 11 were foreign nationals from India, Cambodia, China and other neighbouring countries. The others were Thai.

They were allegedly caught sucking on Hookah pipes, drinking alcohol, and playing pool in violation of the Covid-19 guidelines being enforced by the government to limit the spread of the pandemic following the second wave of cases that started in December.

Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saeng said the raid was to contain the spread of Covid-19.

He added: ‘The violators were putting other people at risk by ignoring the emergency decree to stop the pandemic.’

Police said they also seized more than 18 hookah pipes and a large stash of Baraku tobacco which is considered an illegal substance in Thailand.

They also found one room where staff prepare the Baraku before taking them to customers outside.

However, when the police interviewed the staff, they allegedly pretended that they didn’t know who the owner was.

Officers said they are still investigating who manages the illegal bar and seized documents hidden on the top-floor office to find out about its ownership.

Meanwhile, the party-goers were taken to the police station and will be charged with violating the Emergency Decree Act, the Communicable Disease Act, and possession of an illegal substance.