Couple arrested after being caught having oral s*x while waiting at bus stop


A couple were arrested after being caught having oral s*x while waiting at a bus stop in Indonesia.

The pair were seen performing the explicit act in the Kramat Raya area in central Jakarta last Friday night (Jan 22).

Footage shows the woman sitting down with her head going back-and-forth into a man’s crotch as he faces her, with his hands on her shoulders.

A shocked motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger noticed the couple before one of them yelled ‘just in the hotel sir, not there!’.

However, despite being caught, the randy couple continued enjoying the public tryst.

The rider, who was a motorcycle taxi worker, dropped off his passenger before reporting the incident to his colleagues.

They all reportedly went to the scene to confront the exhibitionist couple but they had fled upon seeing the angry riders.

Senen Police Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Bambang said officers started searching for the man and woman after being notified of the video recording.

He said: ‘We gathered as much information as we could including the location of the bus stop.

‘We also reviewed the CCTV around the area to know where the two went after fleeing the scene.’

Police identified the pair two days later and were arrested on January 25. They were taken into custody and questioned on suspicion of breaking public indecency laws.

They face up to two years and eight months of prison time under Indonesian law.