Huge monitor lizard caught in woman’s garden in Thailand


A huge monitor lizard sparked panic after it was found hiding in a woman’s garden in Thailand.

Nawatida Nakorn was about to water her plants when the cheeky reptile peeked out of the bushes in Saraburi province on January 25.

She immediately fled the garden and called the animal rescuers for help as the lizard was too big for them to handle.

When the rescue team arrived, they searched for the lizard and found hiding under the plastic crates in the garden.

They secured its neck using a pole with a noose at the end before two rescuers pulled it out by the tail.

Its head was also covered using a piece of cloth so it would calm down and stop resisting.

After almost ten minutes, the team was able to capture the lizard before tying it behind a motorbike. It measured around 6ft from its head to the tip of its tail.

The rescuers rode away with it to be released into the wild after the house owner thanked them.

Relieved Nawatida said she will buy lottery tickets using her address numbers as animal encounters are believed to be lucky.

She said: ‘I am glad no one was hurt. The lizard was too big. It was an especially huge reptile so I think it’s a sign of good luck.’