Swiss ex-pat arrested after killing burglar raiding his home in Thailand


A Swiss ex-pat has been arrested after allegedly killing a burglar that tried to break into his home in Thailand.

Rudolph Yusof, 63, told police he was drinking coffee when he heard the intruder climbing over his garden wall in Udon Thani province on October.

The intruder, Sathien Chantarakhantri, 53, is said to have been carrying a handgun which he pointed at Rudolph before demanding money.

However, the Swiss man allegedly grappled with Sathien. He told police he repeatedly punched and kicked him until he was unconscious then tied him up outside the property.

Police arrived and arrested Rudolph, who allegedly confessed to attacking the burglar. He said he was afraid that the intruder would try and attack him so he tied him up.

Rudolph’s wife, Lak Sareeroop, 44, said she knew the burglar as he had pestered her to borrow money and tried to seduce her in the past. However, she claimed there was no ill-feeling between them.

Police said that Rudolph had been charged with ‘causing harm to another person until death’ but said that the reasons for self-defence would be taken into account.

Investigating officer Police Major General Phitsanu Unhaseree said: ‘The police will give fairness to both sides. A detailed examination is needed about why the deceased tried to enter the property and why the foreign man attacked him.

‘The deceased man used a firearm to threaten the foreign man for money, so we will take into account these reasons for self-defence.

‘There was a cut on the dead man’s right cheek and eyebrow and his face was bruised. He had his hands and feet tied behind his back. The body was taken to Udon Thani Center Hospital to find the cause of death.’