Escaped buffalo smashes into phone shop knocking over female assistant in Thailand


This is the terrifying moment an escaped buffalo smashed into a phone shop in Thailand.

The aggressive creature broke free from a farm and rammed its head through the glass before knocking over a female assistant.

The animal continued to break the counters and shelves with its horns before chasing the injured woman to the back of the shop.

CCTV shows how it then left the building and ran across the road before charging through a petrol station in Chiang Mai province on September 30 evening.

Local livestock officer Natta Jakkaphan said: ‘We believe that the buffalo escaped from a farm when it was about to be taken to a slaughterhouse. It then ran all over the place because it felt threatened.’

The buffalo escaped from the shop but was even more startled by the sounds of passing vehicles when it reached the road.

Officers found the buffalo the next morning dipping in a pond behind the petrol station and herded it back to their office while waiting for the owner to explain and claim it.

Natta added: ‘So far, the owner has not contacted us. We believe that the owner is afraid of having to pay for all the damage the buffalo has done.’

Officials said the injured shop employee taken to the hospital for treatment of her bruises and wounds but is now in a stable condition and recovering.