Landslide crashes down mountainside in northern China


This is the terrifying moment a massive landslide crashed down a mountainside in Shanxi province, China on October 6.

Footage shows how the avalanche of rocks and mud struck Pu County in Linfen City on Wednesday morning. A portion of the hillside collapsed and raised clouds of dust following several days of heavy rainfall in the area.

Landslides resulting in at least four were also reported in other areas of the province, including the cities of Jinzhong and Luliang.

Officials in the province, a major coal production base in the country, said heavy downpours caused floods and landslides that have resulted in four deaths and several injuries and forced the shutdown of several scenic spots and coal mines. 

The Shanxi local government, in accordance with its geological disaster emergency plan, has initiated a level 3 emergency response to address the situation.