Mallgoers play children’s game with Squid Game doll in the Philippines


This is the amusing moment a group of mallgoers in the Philippines played a children’s game with the 10-foot-tall Squid Game doll from the popular Netflix series.

Maria Eden Serrano said they were about to go home when they saw the huge animatronic doll in a mall in Ortigas City on September 21.

Footage shows the women playing ‘red light, green light’ and staying still as the creepy doll set its glowing eyes on them.

She said: ‘We were amazed because it looked real and scary.’

The replica can detect motion just like the original doll as seen in the series. Whenever a pedestrian crosses the road when the light is red, the doll’s eye will light up.

The South Korean Netflix drama Squid Game tells the story of hundreds of participants struggling with debt who compete in a series of children’s games to win the final 45.6 billion won (38.7 million USD) prize.

The series was released on September 17 and received an overwhelming response from viewers worldwide, but was also criticised for showing gore and violence.