Ambulance drivers rescue trapped dog in the high way


A kind ambulance driver rescued a trapped dog on a highway.

Paramedic Marlon Sepe was taking a couple and their newborn baby from the hospital when he noticed the wary dog in the middle of a road in Manila City, the Philippines on October 2.

The animal lover pulled over the vehicle for a moment and checked on the brown Aspin pooch that appeared scared and starving.

He then took the animal in front of the ambulance with him and apologised to the couple for the delay saying he wanted to help the dog.

Passenger Levy Cedo said: ‘I loved dogs so I know how he felt when he saw the pooch. I salute him for his good act. He was a very compassionate man and I felt safe that he took us home when he showed kindness like that.

‘What more could he do for his fellow man if he was that kind to a poor animal? He was indeed a good person. We need more people like him.’

Marlon safely drove the family home and then took the pooch home with him to clean and feed. It did not have any injuries on its body but was a bit underweight due to lack of nutrition.

He decided to adopt the dog to take care of and now lives with him.