Activists commemorate 45th anniversary of Thammasat University massacre in Thailand


A large crowd gathered at Thammasat University in Thailand on October 6 to mark the 45th anniversary of the 1976 massacre that happened on school grounds.

Funeral wreaths, banners, and small flags adorned the campus courtyard in remembrance of the deceased who had voiced their dissent against an authoritarian government nearly five decades ago.

Symbolic art installations like bloodied dummies hanging from trees were also displayed to depict the violence of the attack.

Activists and human rights lawyers gave speeches after the opening alms-giving ceremony, calling out the lack of accountability from those involved in the massacre.

Meanwhile, several political figures, including leaders from the National Student Centre of Thailand, the Future Forward Party, the Move Forward Party, and red shirt members attended the vigil and laid down flowers for the fallen activists.

The October 6, 1976 Thammasat University massacre is remembered as the bloodiest display of state violence in Thai history.

Government officials and right-wing groups joined forces to massacre students and citizens at Thammasat University, where they blocked exits and opened fire on anti-government protesters.

Records say that 46 people had died, but historians and victims say the count is much higher.