Japanese discount store Don Quijote opens first suburban store in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtftw3j0y4kyhfg/VRP70073.mp4?dl=0

Operators of Japanese discount store Don Quijote have opened their first suburban shop in Thailand.

The company already had two stores in the centre of the capital Bangkok but due to their success has expanded by opening the first outside of the city.

Footage shows the new shop on Friday morning October 8.

Bosses hope to reach a different style of customers with the Don Don Donki store at Seacon Square, which stocks roughly 30,000 products across 2,147 square meters.

Products include DIY sushi kits, exercise equipment, cleaning equipment and home gadgets. There is also a kitchen area serving street-style food so customers can feel like they are visiting Japan, despite the travel restrictions, according to Nikkei Asia.