Cobra snake emerges from motorcycle and leaps at petrol station pump attendant


This is the terrifying moment a live SNAKE leapt out at a pump attendant after emerging from a woman’s motorcycle.

The rider had pulled up for a refill of petrol when the young cobra slithered out of the engine and onto the ground at the petrol station in Nonthaburi province, central Thailand, on October 4.

The frightened worker jumped in terror when he stepped on the snake which had crawled around his shoes.

The juvenile cobra was then seen gliding away and slipping itself into another motorcycle which was refuelling on the opposite side of the gas pump.

Motorcycle owner Nutchanat Prasertsub, 35, said she was stopping for gas after a long day at work when she heard her fellow customers screaming. She looked down and suddenly saw the 1.3ft-long snake moving towards her before entering her vehicle.

Shocked gas station staff informed local snake wranglers who arrived to retrieve the snake. However, the team initially had difficulty finding the elusive serpent which had curled up near the motorcycle’s headlights.

Nutchanat agreed to have her motorcycle disassembled so the snake can finally be caught. It took more than an hour to rescue the cobra, which was eventually released into the wild.

Nutchanat said: ‘The snake fell from another motorcycle and slithered into mine. I’m glad the gas station staff were kind enough to help me find where the snake was.’