Baby bugs emerging from egg look like hundreds of tiny Pikachus


These baby bugs emerging from their eggs look like hundreds of tiny Pikachus from the popular series Pokemon.

Footage shows a cluster of the Yellow True Bugs hatching at the same time in Maengdana Khunyaysalaeng Farm in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, on October 5.

The larvae appeared like corn kernels before slowly swelling and sprouting antennae-like appendages, making them look like the iconic Pokemon protagonist Pikachu.

Sornkaew Pusawat said: ‘I was excited watching them hatch and jumping into the water. It was a beautiful and rare sight.’

True Bugs belong to the order Heteroptera of insects and are native to Central America and North America. They include aphids, cicadas, bed bugs, and other insects which have two pairs of wings – divided into leathery and membranous parts – and needle-like mouths to suck in fluids from plants and animals.