ADD VIDEO: Mystery as 25 dolphins wash ashore in the Philippines


Residents rushed to save 25 dolphins that were stranded on a beach in the Philippines today (Jan 26).

Fishermen noticed the creatures splashing in the shallow part of the sea in Camarines Sur province shortly after sunrise.

They went to push the animals back to the deeper part of the water, but were shocked when they noticed wounds on their bodies.

Local officials arrived to assist with the rescue and were able to successfully push seven back to the sea.

The rest of the dolphins were taken to the wildlife facility to recover but two of them later died from their injuries.

A total of 13 dolphins have died due to severe wounds while the others are being treated. The bodies are being held with veterinarians to preserve them for a scheduled postmortem examination tomorrow (January 27).

Provincial Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources official Nonie Enolva said the creatures may have been victims of dynamite fishing.

She said: ‘We have taken the animals to our facility and will be closely monitored so they can recover. We suspect that they were hurt from illegal dynamite fishing.’

The agency has launched an investigation on the mass stranding of the dolphins.