Five people rescued after being trapped inside apartment building’s lift


Five people were rescued after they were trapped inside a lift in an apartment building in Indonesia.

The residents – three adults, a grade-schooler, and a toddler – entered the lift from the ground floor when the power suddenly went out in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 9.

The structure reportedly malfunctioned as it stopped between the first and the second floor, making it harder for the building maintenance team to take the people out.

Rescue volunteers from the local fire department then responded to the scene and forced open the lift doors to create a small gap where the residents were pulled out one by one.

Jakarta Fire Department officer Mulat Wijayanto said: ‘The position of the elevator stopped between the first and second floors. The elevator stopped because the electricity in the building went out.’

After carefully removing the barriers, the trapped people inside were handed a stool where they could step on to reach the roof where an opening was made for them.

The youngsters were first taken out before the three adults followed. No one was reported hurt in the incident and the rescue operation was finished in almost half an hour.

Meanwhile, the lift would remain out of service until repairs are done.