Giant python caught in terrified couple’s TOILET


A giant python was caught inside a terrified couple’s toilet.

The 10ft-long reptile wandered into the family home while searching for food before hiding inside the toilet in Chonburi province, Thailand, on October 10.

It was only discovered when Atchara Phobaht, 38, went to relieve herself and noticed movements before seeing the creature’s head poking out.

Terrified Atchara rushed outside and called her boyfriend for help removing the snake but as it was too big they decided to call the rescue team instead.

The woman said: ‘I was fortunate that I saw the snake before it could have attacked me. From now on I will always remember to switch on the lights and check everywhere whenever I use the toilet.’

Upon arrival, the rescue volunteers tried pulling the snake out but it was too strong and resisted.

Rescue member Pakpoom Luangon, 24 said: ‘We caught the snake around its head and tried to pull it out but it was strong. My partner and I decided that the only way to remove the snake is to take the whole squat seat out.’

The rescuers then broke the toilet and carried the structure out before successfully taking the python with their hands. It was then kept in a sack to be released back to the wild later.