Artists work on giant street art mural of a MERMAID in Thailand


Artists are working on a giant street art mural of a mermaid in southern Thailand.

The 600 square-metre street art in Songkhla province is one of the largest in the country and local officials hope the location will become a tourist attraction in the province.

The artwork covers a seven-story building wall which is 35metres-high and is inspired by the province’s folklore about a mermaid and dolphins.

Narupeem Srithongmai, an independent artist from Songkhla, and Pairote Somboon, a street art expert from Nakhon Si Thammarat province, worked with a team of four people to create the piece within a month.

He said: ‘It was quite a challenging task but I am proud that we dared to finish it and the imagination to visualize such a huge art.

‘I would like to thank the property owner for allowing us to paint and also for being accommodating. This work is the most challenging one in my life and it is a pride I would like to give to the people of Songkhla.’

To complete the giant piece of art, the artists had to use aerial work platforms to reach the top and fill in the painting details.

The progress of the artwork is now at 80 per cent done, with most of the remaining work focused on adding details. It is set to be completed before October 15.