Kindhearted local rescues and adopts more than 100 injured stray cats in Thailand


A kindhearted local has rescued and adopted more than 100 injured stray cats in Thailand.

Namo Hongdang and his family members renovated a rented apartment’s kitchen and other parts of the home to accommodate the moggies in Thai-capital Bangkok.

The animal lover spends up to 30,000 baht (900 USD) a month to buy cat food alone and shells out more expenses for their medical needs as the strays were mostly injured.

However, despite the growing upkeep, Namo still offers free cat blood donations to other pet owners who need a transfusion for their beloved moggies.

She said: ‘We started the cat blood donation after losing our pet cat to a sickness. I remember looking for cat blood but was not able to.

‘If only there was blood available, we believe that our pet cat could still be alive. So whoever needs blood for their pets, we are willing to give them out for free.’

The family first started by adopting one stray cat but continued to bring more home after seeing more injured moggies in the streets.

They rented a spacious apartment near their home for the 150 strays and decorated the place with toys and cat condos.

Fountains and window grills were also kept in the house to improve the house’s ventilation and environment.

With the growing number of rescued cats in their care, Namo and his family hopes to save more moggies from the streets of Bangkok.